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HealthFlex receives 5 Star rating from Medicare for Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care!

We are proud to announce that HealthFlex has once again, been awarded a 5 Star rating from Medicare for Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care! We are honored and thankful having the opportunity to work with such an amazing community here in the Bay Area. A very big thank you to...
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Slow Your Roll, Enjoying the Little Things in Life

One of the best – and easiest – ways we can support our own mental and emotional well-being is by remembering to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. This isn’t a virtue that is often supported in our culture, which often touts the benefits of “life in the fast...
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Sleep Tips: A Good Night’s Rest is Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Your overall mood and energy levels during the day are highly influenced by the kind of sleep you’re getting at night. Unfortunately, many older adults report difficulties sleeping through the night, and as a result they have lower energy during the day. There are a number of...
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Healthy Teeth Smile

Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Clean

Brushing and flossing teeth every day is vital to making sure they stay healthy. Plaque – the enemy of healthy teeth – can build up quickly on teeth that are not brushed regularly. And as we grow older, we become increasing at risk for tooth decay and gum disease, particularly if...
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The Power and Rewards of Meditation

Meditation isn’t just for cloistered monks anymore – it’s becoming increasingly popular in mainstream culture as a method for reducing stress, improving emotional and mental well-being, and grounding oneself. Meditation is practiced by everyone from yoga instructors to...
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Staying Safe During Flu Season

A case of the flu is an unpleasant experience for anyone, but because the elderly are especially at-risk for developing serious complications from contracting the flu, they should take extra precautions to stay safe during flu season. People between the ages of 70-80 have less...
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Fresh Green, Red, Yellow Fruits to Build Your Immune System

Fruits are delicious, nutritious, and colorful – but did you know that many of the molecular compounds that give fruits their vibrant color are also great for building your immune system? A number of different compounds give fruit their different colors, including acids, oils,...
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Spicy Hot Food is Great for You! So Spice It Up!

Spicy food is popular all over the world, from spicy chilies in Thai food to “atomic” hot sauce in Southern cooking. A number of studies have found that it may not simply be for the thrill a spicy meal gives our taste buds – there are a number of health benefits to spicy food,...
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Spending Time with the Grandchildren Benefits Grandma and Grandpa

Spending time with grandchildren can be one of the most rewarding experiences of growing older. Grandkids are awfully cute, and spoiling them is practically a grandparent’s duty. And watching grandchildren grow, take their first steps, and learn is very gratifying. But it turns...
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Eating the Right Calories and Food Older Persons Need

For older adults, eating right provides numerous benefits, including improved mental capacity, better immune function, more energy, and faster recovery times from illnesses. Good nutrition keeps the body healthy and strong, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, bone...
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